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  • Facebook Marketing In Thailand & Using Facebook To Get More Business

    Since the launch of Facebook in 2004 the social networking website has become one of the worlds best websites with a user base of approx. 955 million reported in June 2012. Facebook currently has users in over 200 countries and is offered in 43 different languages and has plans to increase this to 60 languages.


    Thailand’s Facebook Population

    Thailand has the worlds 16th largest Facebook population with approx. 16 million users, this figure is growing monthly as more and more Thais are becoming Facebook users the age range varies with 60% being 18-35 and 40% aged 35 and over. 52% of Thai Facebook users are females and 48% are males.


    Facebook Pages for Thailand Businesses

    Thai business must not allow themselves to be left behind when it comes to social marketing wether your business is a luxury hotel in Bangkok or a spa & resort in Phuket all businesses need to be visible online.  Those business that offer a service directly to the public must take advantage of the massive target audience that Facebook offers. Facebook allows marketers to target users very precisely  so that you can target users in particular areas and of specific age ranges.

    If you are a Thai business and you have not created your Facebook Business Page yet then dont put it off any longer take action today and use it to build a relationship and interact with your online audience.  Your online audience will be the people who “like” your business page and once they have done this they will gain access to the updates that you broadcast about your business and your website.

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