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Facebook Marketing Bangkok, Thailand

Do you want to grow your brand using Facebook Marketing in Bangkok?

Have you launched a new business and want people in Bangkok and around Thailand to know about it?

This is known as growing brand awareness and Facebook (social media) is a great medium to grow a new brand.

Facebook is the perfect solution, it has over 2 billion users worldwide so you can be sure that your ideal customers are using Facebook and with Facebook’s advertising platform your business can be actively targeting them.

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What do you need?
The first thing you will need is a Facebook account. With your personal Facebook account, you can make a Facebook page. Your page can represent any one of the following:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organisation or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Once you have your Facebook page you can post content; text, images and video, create offers, get reviews, create events, offer services and sell products, all this can be done on Facebook.

So what next?
The next step is to grow your audience and get engagement on your content, organically this is very hard, there are only so many friends or family you can invite to like your page and there comes a time where you'll need to grow your brand beyond your social circle. That time is now!!!

Facebook Advertising Thailand: Facebook Ads Bangkok - Building Audiences & Tracking Users With Facebook Pixel

A very important part of digital marketing is to have the correct tracking and analysis in place.  When browsers visit your website you can use cookies to track information about what interactions users are making on your website.

You to track a wide range of events from simple page views to button clicks and visits to specific pages. For example, you can generate an audience based on visitors who have been on your thank you page after submitting an enquiry.

Likewise, if you run an e-commerce site you can target ads to people who have been on a specific product page or even people who have started the shopping cart process but didn't make it to the checkout.

If you run a travel booking website where people view specific tour pages you can build an audience and target ads to people who have spent time on a specific tour page URL, the number of targeting methods is wide and varied.

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Facebook Marketing In Thailand - Thai Businesses Should Be Using Facebook To Get More Business

Since the launch of Facebook in 2004, the social networking website has become one of the worlds best websites with a user base of approx. 955 million reported in June 2012. Facebook currently has users in over 200 countries and is offered in 43 different languages and has plans to increase this to 60 languages.

Thailand’s Facebook Population

Thailand has the worlds 8th largest Facebook population with approx. 47 million users, this figure is growing monthly as more and more Thais are becoming Facebook users the age range varies with 60% being 18-35 and 40% aged 35 and over. 52% of Thai Facebook users are females and 48% are males.

facebook marketing thailand

Facebook Pages for Thailand Businesses

Thai business must not allow themselves to be left behind when it comes to social marketing whether your business is a luxury hotel in Bangkok or a spa & resort in Phuket all businesses need to be visible online.  Those businesses that offer service directly to the public must take advantage of the massive target audience that Facebook offers. Facebook allows marketers to target users very precisely so that you can target users in particular areas and of specific age ranges.

If you are a Thai business owner and you have not created your Facebook Business Page yet then don't put it off any longer take action today and use it to build a relationship and interact with your online audience.

Your online audience will be the people who “like” your business page and once they have done this they will gain access to the updates that you broadcast about your business and your website.

Thailand is the 9th most active nation of Facebook users.

facebook marketing bangkok
Because of the strong online presence of Facebook, we see a common trend among Thai businesses; the use of a Facebook Page, as an alternative rather to the business creating their own website on their own domain.
A company Facebook page is of great value and necessary to build a brand using the Facebook platform, without a company page you are unable to run ads or promoted posts on Facebook.
If you are a Thai business owner and you’re looking to grow your brand online there’s are a number of reasons why your business should have its own website and in addition, you should build strong and engaging social media profiles & pages.
  1. A business website is the first thing someone will look for when researching your business.
  2. People expect your business to be online and have a website.
  3. It’s an asset to the business that can be worked on over time to increase the strength of the brand and increase brand visibility and recognition.
We are regularly surprised by the number of businesses who don’t have a website but instead use a Facebook page as their businesses online face.
Facebook is a fantastic platform for raising brand awareness for businesses in Bangkok selling products or services.

Grow your business online
Use digital marketing to connect your brand wth customers and grow your online brand.

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