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Google Ads (AdWords) Agency Bangkok Thailand

Formerly known as Google Adwords is a paid advertising platform.  Google is an advertising whale and they have many ways to show your ads.

If you are in the need of relevant traffic as most business websites are then google ads is a great advertising platform.

There are three main types of campaigns that can be used these are search campaigns, display campaigns and re-marketing campaigns.

Search campaigns are exactly as the name suggests, your ad is triggered based on the keywords that the user inputs to the search bar in google.

Search campaigns are very effective as the search results and resulting ads are shown are in high demand as they have just been inputted by the searcher.  This is why pay per click costs tend to be expensive for on-demand services such as plumbers and electricians.

Display campaigns are when Google will display your ad on its display network. These are usually high traffic websites with good quality content.

Google has a display network that is made up of around 2 million websites. A campaign should be set up to make sure your ads are triggered on pages most relevant to the products or services that you are offering for your ad.

Cost per click is usually lower for display campaigns than search campaigns. Display campaigns are ideal for growing a new brand and getting more website visitors.

Display ads can be image based or text-based.

Take advantge of Google's huge advertising reach with paid search marketing.

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