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Formerly known as Google Adwords is a paid advertising platform. Google is an advertising whale and they have many ways to show your ads.

If you are in the need of relevant traffic as most business websites are then google ads is a great advertising platform.

There are three main types of campaigns that can be used these are search campaigns, display campaigns and re-marketing campaigns.

Search campaigns are exactly as the name suggests, your ad is triggered based on the keywords that the user inputs to the search bar in google.

Search campaigns are very effective as the search results and resulting ads are shown are in high demand as they have just been inputted by the searcher. This is why pay per click costs tend to be expensive for on-demand services such as plumbers and electricians.

Display campaigns are when Google will display your ad on its display network. These are usually high traffic websites with good quality content.

Google has a display network that is made up of around 2 million websites. A campaign should be set up to make sure your ads are triggered on pages most relevant to the products or services that you are offering for your ad.

Cost per click is usually lower for display campaigns than search campaigns. Display campaigns are ideal for growing a new brand and getting more website visitors.

Display ads can be image based or text-based.

Responsive text ads are a simple way to drive traffic and gain brand awareness for a new brand.

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Do You Run A Bangkok Based Company & Looking To Get More Paying Customers From Google Ads?
Maybe you are a hotel looking to drive more direct booking for an international school that wants to get more students to apply to study. Whatever your goal Google ads can help your company to achieve this within a short timeframe.
What Makes Google Ads So Effective?
There a number of reasons why Google ads platform works so well for small and large businesses.
  • You can control exactly how much you spend and when you spend it.
  • You can control your ads and make them show only for the keywords that you want them to appear for.
  • You can control the locations where your ads do or don’t show.
  • You can monitor every baht spent and calculate what you got in return for your spends.
  • You can see full reports via google analytics of all traffic generated from your ads and you can track goals and events that took place during their visit to the site.
  • You can build audiences of users who have visited your site and re-market to them using the search and display networks.
Tried And Failed Before With Google Ads?

Some business will say that they tried Google ads and it didn’t work for their business. In some cases, this may be true. in some cases not.

Quite often we have found that we will work with a company who have had previous experience with Google ads but didn’t have an overall positive experience.

A common approach by a number of agencies is to spend the client budget a fast as possible with little regard or care for the return the client is actually seeing.

There are a number of actions that can be taken on an ad account to improve the clients ROI. A common mistake we find from the client-side is not giving the campaign long enough to run for the client to see the real benefits of the ads.

A campaign generally takes around three months to be optimised this allows enough time to obtain enough data into the account and allow the account manager to make the correct changes.

A huge part of the Google ad platform is now being managed and run by artificial intelligence (AI) everything is based on data, and Google has a huge amount of that to take action on.

As your new campaign runs over the first three months this allows time for enough data to be consumed into the account gives both the user/account manager enough data to make real clear actionable changes to the account.

This initial period also gives Google a good amount of data for their AI and inbuilt algorithms so that they can better show the best ad for you that’s most likely to convert based of previous data and user information.

8 Critical Costly Mistakes Some Companies Make While Running Google Ads Campaigns.
  • Not setting up Google analytics
  • Not tracking and goals or events in Google analytics
  • Not using negative keywords
  • Not using ad groups
  • Set up campaign only using broad match keywords
  • Allowed ads to run in locations that the business does not serve
  • Not using ad extensions
  • Not creating 3 optimised ad variations for each ad group

Take advantage of Google’s huge advertising reach with paid search marketing.

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