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Cache Digital Solutions is a specialist search engine optimisation (SEO) company based in Bangkok, Thailand.  We specialise in white hat SEO to improve our client's organic rankings in search engines like Google.

Our team of experienced professionals are always available to help and give the best advice and customer service.

We've Done It Before

We have previous experience working with clients throughout the whole of Thailand not only Bangkok.  We have experience doing SEO in a number of industries including hotels, tourism, property, medical and aviation.

We have worked with companies in Thailand ranging from small local SME companies to large international corporations.

We are located at

We are in Bangkok on the eastern side of the city, the nearest BTS station is Ekamai we are very close Huamak Airport Link Station.


Cache Digital Scored: 5/5 from 17 Google Reviews

SEO Agency Services Bangkok Thailand 

Our company is run by experienced SEO professionals, we know search engine optimisation and we know what works to get results and what doesn't work.

Our in house team have worked on hundreds of websites covering every niche and business type you can think of.   There are few business types that we do not work in and few that we have no past experience with.

Within the Thai market, SEO is a growing requirement as more and more Thai business make the transition to opt the online and digital world.

Hotels are reliant on digital marketing to bring in new bookings although page one may be dominated by OTA's it's still important for hotels to build their own online presence with a fast easy to navigate website that allows customers to make direct bookings.

Restaurants in Bangkok may want to use SEO services to allow customers to find out more about the venue, menus and make table bookings.

Gyms and yoga studios in Bangkok can leverage good SEO practises helping get more membership signals of more applications for classes depending on what your offer is.

International schools in Bangkok and Thailand and plentifully and a strong SEO and social media presence has proven to work for our clients to increase student enrolments.

There are in fact very few business types that can not generate more sales leads or enquiries from SEO.

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I tired SEO before and it didn't work for my business

We've heard this a number of times. We could say you tried SEO before and the company failed to deliver the results, or maybe you tried SEO before but the company mis-sold you, you were expecting a Ferrari but you got a Lexus. The truth is we don't know what happened but does that mean SEO doesn't work or can't work for your business?  One big problem with the SEO industry as a whole is it's unregulated and it's very very very easy for anyone, literally anyone, to open their own company and offer SEO services to other businesses.

There is absolutely no barrier to entry, therefore, the industry as a whole is saturated with novices with no knowledge, no experience and no ability to get results, just a sharp tongue and the front to leave you lighter in the pocket. This is doing nothing but harm to the industry and just leaving small business owners confused and in a confused haze of mistrust and frustration. Facebook groups are abuzz of novices asking simple basic SEO questions because they lack basic experience and knowledge and many of these people are handling SEO clients and managing business websites quite literally the blind leading the blind.

All this mess leads to clients paying money for very inadequate SEO services, not getting any results or financial return and then quite obviously the company calls it quits and takes the long term opinion that SEO doesn't work for them.  Google does not publish a guide, there is no book stating the steps to rank your site on page one.  In the real world, it really is all about experience and knowing how Google handles data and websites, how Google links relevance between word, phrases and pages.

SEO with Cache Digital isn't just about ranking your website on page one. It's much more than that.  We go above and beyond we offer a bespoke service that makes sure we are catering for all areas of your online business. This includes local SEO and Google My Business optimisation and tracking...lots of tracking.If you are going to drive traffic to your site you need to know what that traffic is doing once they're on your website.  As standard, we set up all tracks to give us as the campaign optimisers and you and the clients lots of information.

A key tracking platform is called Google Analytics which is part of Google's marketing suite and of course it free, so many of Google great products are!

For us to successfully delivery SEO results for any business we do not need to know your industry inside out, what we do need to know is how Google works and how it's reads your website, knowing this and with our years of experience actually ranking websites we can make subtle changes to your site that give Google and other search engines much more clarity and understand of what your website is about and more importantly what you want to be found for is the SERP's

Here you can find a little information on all the different SEO services that we offer, with links to pages covering each service in more detail.  Most of the services mentioned below are included in all of our monthly SEO packages.  For Paid Serch Marketing we offer campaign management and optimisation Ads for Google, Facebook, Instagram, Line & LinkedIn

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Website Analysis

We check your whole website to check how it being seen by the search engines and to check important aspects of your website code to see if has problems and remove the issues that prevent the site from performing as well as it could in Google.  To be in the top search positions your website must be free of errors and each page contructed with reason and purpose, og to the Technical SEO Audit page to read more. 

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important steps of an SEO strategy.  We look at your top performing competiors and see what keywords thay are ranking for we pull all the data out from the SEO tools that we use and analyse the keyword for user intent and identify which are the keywords that will work for the client and also which are the keywords that are going to give the quickest retun on investment.

Competitor Analysis

After the correct keywords for the client campaign have been identified its important to size up the competition.  With correct keyword research we are then left to look at the competiton websites who are currently ranking for the keyword that we want to rank the cleitn for, we look at why they rank and what is currently giving them an advantage over the other websites, we then look at intoducing these facors into our clients campaign.

On Page Optimisation

Your website needs to be technically sound and have not problems preventing it from performing well in the search results, once technical issues have been fixed in the code it is important to ensure the the key onpage seo tags are correctly filled and optimised to give the best performance, onpage optimisation is applied sitewide and become even more important on target landing pages.

Content Writing

An important part of ranking for any SEO campaign is a content strategy, your website content needs to be unique and relevant and should be targeted correctly.  Our copywriters write engaging high quality content to to engage the users and drive relevance for the search engines.

Link Building

The forbidden fruit of SEO ...back-links.  So much controvesay about these little "votes" for websies but year on year proof still shows that back links play a major part in ranking a website and if you want to rank for any kind of semi competetive keyword then you website is going to need them.  There are many differnt types of links it can be a jungle out there.

Tracking Of Data

Once traffic in on a website it important for us to know what action user take on the pages and how they are interacting with the webstie on a whole.  We can learn a great deal about user activity form Google Analytic which should be set up on any website to track even the most basic of interactions such as number of page visits.  Tracking code are best added using Google Tag manager, we can also intergrate a number of other tracker such as FaceBook pixel and call tracking just to name a few. 

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