Keyword Research & Keyword Selection For SEO & Digital Marketing

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Keyword Research For SEO & PPC Campaigns In Bangkok, Thailand

Keyword Research & Keywords Selection Are Both Very Important In the Overall Sucess Of A Campaign
Keyword Research & Keyword Selection For SEO & Digital Marketing

One of the most important steps of any SEO campaign at our SEO agency is keyword research, quite simply if you target the wrong keywords and you will not bring in the right kind of traffic.

Target the right keyword and you will bring in the right traffic that converts and generates revenue.

Keyword selection is looking at the keywords and determining the intent of the searching user. Are they looking to buy or are they doing research?

Generally, we will be targeting money-generating keywords for your campaign these keywords are the search terms most like to be used by users looking to either buy, make a phone call or complete your website contact form.

The first thing we need to do is find the right keywords for a campaign so how do we do this?

We use keyword research tools like Google keyword planner and other online tools.

With the planner tools, we can set the location to look at the specific target country or city keyword planner will tell us the number of searches per month and the estimated cost per click if the keyword was being targeted on Google ads.

The higher the cost per click value the more likely it is that ranking highly for that keyword will generate revenue.

High-value CPC keywords with a large search volume will be competitive to organically rank for and or would generate high-value form ranking organically.

Keyword planner will give us data on many other keywords which are variations and similar keywords based on relevance. Google is working with huge amounts of data so will suggest all the different variables that are likely to be relevant to all the information is there now its a case of going through and identifying the correct keywords for the campaign.

The keyword selection will usually be guided by your suggestions and also looking the competition and seeing the keywords that they are targeting and the keywords that are generating revenue for them, that said keyword selection is also heavily guided buy the client budget we have to always remain realistic in the result that can be achieved based on the competition that we are up against and the budget made available for the campaign.

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