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Thailand is the worlds 8th largest social media user. For businesses in Thailand, it is essential to have a strong brand presence on Facebook & other social media platforms Get A Proposal

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Social Media Marketing Management

Social media has become a central part of our modern day society, we use social media platforms not only to connect and communicate with friends but businesses also use them to grow their brands online. Social media platforms are used to connect and engage with audiences online building fan bases and driving increased brand awareness. The most commonly used of the all the social media platforms is, of course, Facebook, with a user base of 2.23 million as of Oct 2018. Thailand loves Facebook and the statistics show this they are the world’s 8th largest nation by the number of users with 50 million as of July 2018. We offer social media services across a number of platforms, the most commonly used is Facebook Here’s a link to read more about Facebook Marketing In Thailand

The Benefits

  • Build an online audience
  • Get feedback from your customers
  • Create brand awareness
  • Engage with other brands
Most Used Social Media Platforms By Users (2018)
PlatformNumber Of Users(Millions)
 Facebook 2196
 YouTube 1900
 WhatsApp 1500
 Facebook Messenger 1300
 WeChat 1040
 Instagram 1000
 QQ 806
 QZone 563
 Doujin / Tik Tok 500
 Sina Weibo 411
 Twitter 336
 Reddit 330
 Baidu Tieba 300
 Skype 300
 LinkedIn 294
 Viber 260
 Snapchat 255
 LINE 203
 Pinterest 200
 Telegram 200
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