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Thailand businesses, don’t get left behind in the digital age. Make sure your business is up to speed, use your website as the shop window for the world to your business. Many people will Google search your business and they expect to find a website.

If you are a Thai business without a website that is something that should defiantly be changed. Just having a Facebook page is not enough and a business website should be treated as an asset of your business.

  • Clean modern designs
  • Fast load times
  • Responsive across all devices
  • Easy to manage admin interface
  • Easy update & backups
  • No technical skills needed

The majority of websites we build we use WordPress as it’s a very well know user-friendly platform that delivers what’s needed time and time again. One-third of the world’s websites are built on WordPress.

Most websites are best suited to WordPress but this is not always the case. So each time we review the requirements of the business and what functions they require from their website.

For example, if your website is an e-commerce shop with thousands of products then be better platform may be Magento or Shopify.

Please talk to one of our web design experts to find out how Cache Digital can help your business built their perfect business website.

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